About EDGE Navigation

We are facilitating the transition to renewable energy in the maritime industry.

EDGE Navigation is a team of shipping professionals focused on developing commercial ships with non-fossil propulsion moving towards achieving zero-emission maritime transport. By applying today's technology, EDGE will offer to substitute conventional ships to enable the switch to renewable energy for logistic operators, shippers and ultimately consumers.

It is our goal to bring economic and scalable green-energy commercial cargo ships to the market by 2026.

Our vision is beyond making conventional shipping green. We believe marine transportation on green fuel will be the key element in a global transition to sustainability by use of renewable energy. An efficient design with an electrified green energy solution will also facilitate for the ship to be connected to the cloud, allowing another level of communication, optimization and efficiency in operations.

EDGE = Efficient Design + Green Energy

Efficient Design

Energy efficiency is a key component to making the energy transition happen. Hence, our approach to all new vessel designs prioritizes making vessels as energy efficient as possible. This along with optimized fuel logistics will advance the shift into non-fossil propulsion systems.

Ships are links in a highly inter-connected global logistics chain. Consequently, any efforts to accelerate the energy transition must also develop the vessel to be connected real-time into efficient cargo-logistics, weather-routings, optimised vessels operations in addition to fuel logistics.

Green Energy

Renewable energy is abundantly available almost everywhere in the world. Existing technology today enables storage, trading and transportation of this energy.

As all technological advancements continue to drive down the cost of renewables and cost of related energy carriers, renewable energy is also quickly becoming a feasible alternative for the maritime industry.

With the host of technology solutions available today, commercial vessels can be built with renewable energy propulsion.